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G e n e s i s

When our group wanted to foray into film production, we were looking for a project which would be a torch bearer for our overall objective and which would also be truly global in its ambition. It is in this regard, that the script of NUCLEAR really impressed us beyond anything we ever heard and we at CMA GLOBAL felt that this is truly a once in a life time project.
We strongly felt it was an extremely pertinent and important film to be made for the tremendously uncertain times we are living in. Our entire group of companies felt that the subject matter of NUCLEAR is truly international and would be of immense interest to a world wide audience and we unanimously decided to produce this film no matter what it costs. The initial estimates of the costs being worked out would make this the most expensive film ever made in India and is right now pegged at around 340 cr without the fee of the international talent. But we at CMA GLOBAL see it as an international film and not a Bollywood film. It will be shot on location in America, China, Russia and India and will have a cast of American, Chinese, Russian, British, Yemenis and Indian actors.

Our entire group after extensive discussions, felt that Ram Gopal Varma is the most perfect choice to direct NUCLEAR going by his tremendous understanding of the subject matter which amply gets demonstrated in the below note by him

A note from Ram Gopal Varma

I have been an avid and voracious reader of both fiction and non fiction but never in my life until now, have I come across a subject matter like NUCLEAR. Yes it's going to be much more costlier than the most expensive film ever made in India and the reason for that is because the subject matter truly demands that it is filmed on a scale never before seen

Terrorism is on the top of everyone's minds in the world today be it America, Europe, Middle East or Asia. We wake up every morning to hear dreadful news of a terror attack happening somewhere or the other. Incidents like planes bringing down towers, a truck plowing through people on the roads, slaughtering hundreds of innocent people in Paris,Mumbai etc are terrifying enough, but the real and truly unthinkable terror is, what if someone gets their hands on a nuclear bomb?

This is not at all an exaggerated fear and a very plausible reality with so many terrorist organisations intimidating and attempting to take over nuclear powered countries. The echoes of the nuclear bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still reverberating in the world's ears 70 years after they exploded making it impossible for the world to forget the terror they unleashed.

The only thing which can be more terrifying than that is, if that explosion happens now in our times. It is because of this fear that America acted against Iraq. If an act based on mere suspicion that someone could be in possession of a nuclear bomb bring in so much of hate and divide between the countries of the world resulting in regime collapses, friendly countries becoming sworn enemies, rise of ISIS etc., then it's obvious that an actual nuclear explosion in a big city like Mumbai can easily trigger WORLD WAR III and thus end the WORLD.

B a c k g r o u n d

CMA Group of Companies

Our Objectives

CMA GLOBAL's primary aim is to create path breaking never before seen film content,not only for Indian but also for the global audience .
Our principal condition at CMA GLOBAL in tying up with RGV was that he does films with content far different in variety from what he has been doing ever since the beginning of his career and we were immensely impressed with the slew of film ideas he now has which more than matched with what we heard globally.

Apart from our first feature film NUCLEAR to be directed by him we also tied up with Ram Gopal Varma's COMPANY for him to creatively spearhead the making of a slate of fifteen films for CMA GLOBAL ..We are also in advanced talks with filmmakers from both Hongkong and Europe,as our goal is to get together film makers of international standard under our umbrella,who can match our sensibilities and are passionate enough in attempting to bring in a big difference to the way present day films are being made with regard to both their content and in their styles.

Our business plan is to make films of International class of which the first one will be Ram Gopal Varma's NUCLEAR which we intend to make for a global audience.

CMA GLOBAL also intends to make many films of international class of which the first one is going to be Ram Gopal Varma's NUCLEAR,which will be followed by "The DEAD ARE ALIVE" the most expensive horror film ever made and "THE TABLET" the first ever science fiction thriller dealing with immortality.

We aim to make a turnover of 300 million USD in the film industry in the next 3 years with an investment of 100 mn USD.


Multiple films have been made in Hollywood of aliens attacking earth, feeding on the fear in each and everyone of us, that we might not be alone in the universe. Likewise spurred by the occasional Ebola and other highly dangerous viral outbreaks, many films have been made on the story of a deadly viral infection which can perish the human race
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The ultimate desire of every human being is not to age and to be alive forever. Medical sciences and cosmetic industries are in a race with nature and time since hundreds of years to delay age and death. But despite tremendous victories in human advancement, nature driven age and death still remain unconquered.

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V i s i o n

We will be soon entering into the business of distribution & exhibition of films

We also intend to establish a production facility in LA Hollywood which will be making only international cinema by April 2018